by Aberração / Hannngs / Nucleus / Changoz / Dirty Harry & Tony Montana

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8 tracks 05:52
Block Noise 02:06
13 tracks 06:16


This right here is a very interesting split.

We begin with Aberração. It starts with a monologue of sorts, then the instruments come in. It seems like free improv, but really wonky and fumbling. The sort of free improvisation more inspired by noise rock then by jazz. It's a live affair too, as you can hear the crowd clap at the end.

Next up, Hannngs returns to The Dark Thursday. It's a blend of noisecore and harsh noise. It has the vocals and drums of noisecore, but then has some quite droney feedback. This feedback almost forms ambient-like sections in between the barrage of yelling and a punch sound effect snare (among other bits of metal, perhaps). At one point it sounds like there may be a sneaky sample pad or digital snippet ran through the feedback, but it's only subtle.

In third we have Nucleus. It reminds me of some old school death metal somewhat, the guitar tone and riffs mostly sing that tune. The drums sound like hitting on some kind of surface, not one I can identify. The vocals your usual death growl, but of course the music needs nothing else. It is a nice change up in the split so far to have some riffs; flavors everything differently. The track rounds up with what sounds like a horror movie sample, a ton of screaming and sounds (not to mention a complete tonal shift with some orchestral section at the end).

Changoz graces us in fourth place. The drums and vocals completely dominate the mix, the occasional lo-fi riff being given room to breathe. It's definitely in the grindcore / noisecore camp, sometimes it seems improvised, sometimes it seems like some care was taken to write a couple of motifs. There is even a point where one of the sections reminded me very slightly of The Smashing Pumpkins. Really not a comparison I ever thought I'd draw.

Dirty Harry is in number five. Starting off with a siren sample and a vocal snippet, it then goes into overbearing, blasting noisecore. Blown out to all hell. It sounds like some contact mics are involved, with a drum kit and some sparse vocals. It's simple and effectively brutal.

To wrap up the split we have Tony Montana. This self proclaimed shitcore reminds me tonally of powerviolence, but has the absurdity and fun of noisecore. It sounds like a bass, vocals & drums trio and honestly doesn't need to do anything more. It's insane and a great way to finish up the split.




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The Dark Thursday Auckland, New Zealand

A net label run by Jacob Daniel Levesque Baird for releasing my music and music submitted to me.

The Dark Thursday is now closed permanently.

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