by Spaghetti Castle

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Omerta 00:33
Undeceived 04:34
Olestra 01:15
Intriguer 03:13
Strangury 02:32


Here we have an ominous and dark album form Spaghetti Castle; Bones.

It begins with an opener, Omerta. Omerta is the first taste of the industrial side to this project. It's quite sonically dense, with the digital (almost slightly sound collage-esque) feel and some quite airy, breathy synths giving us some up sweeps till it closes out with what I can describe as something akin to a processed rain stick at the end.

Undeceived is next. The dark ambient leanings become far more apparent here. Said leanings are pushed by quite spooky, metallic chimes and a fairly windy background to them, almost sounding like someone blowing in a PVC pipe. As it progresses the chimes reveal a music box like gothic melody to really tie up the creeps on this track.

Dracula Cardboard is like some scrap metal noise minus it all being run through multiple pedals. From what I can tell, it sounds like a loose metal door being dragged on the floor as its hinges aren't tight enough, all wrapped in some reverb. This is supported by some occasional synth swells that add a digital edge to a largely organic track.

Olestra has the strongest, most obvious rhythm yet. The percussion used have a harsh, buzzy timbre that really singes your perspective on the release so far. There is also a gruff distorted voice that comes in, helping make this the most confrontational track so far.

An alternative name for Intriguer could be The Mothership Theme as the alien presence is powerful, with these War of the Worlds like drones throughout the track. It is by far the most oppressive track, the hopeless buzzsaw drones that fluctuate in and out of one another and the noise intro really help you feel powerless to the universe and its other inhabitants.

In second to last is From Stem To Stem. It hits you with a pattern of blown out alarm tones that degrade as the track goes on. There is also a generally bubbly and underwater quality to the track that is almost calming in a strange way.

To round out the album we have Strangury. It is by far the most unsettling track on Bones. It's a ritual ambient outro with slow percussion to give you the drugged out, ayahuasca vibe. The subtle ohms contribute to making this track a continual trip. The last section of the track continues as a brutally noisy outro that really leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

If any of this sounds appealing, or even if it doesn't, give Bones a thorough listen.



released November 9, 2019

Spaghetti Castle (Florida, USA)

Artist Notes:
Inspired and dedicated to, both, Francis Stinson and Neal D. Retke, whose respective lives and projects are the impetus for this album. Many thanks goes out to them.
Recorded in Florida; summer of 2019.
The track "Dracula Cardboard" appeared first here:


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The Dark Thursday Auckland, New Zealand

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