somber reflections on time and our inability to use it effectively

by dean weindling

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TDT Write Up:

This piece was originally released on the 7th of January 2019 on Dean's bandcamp (listed below). He asked me to release it on here for him.

This is a crushingly hopeless release. It is really good, but quite depressing. The mood throughout is elevated then brought down in a steady way over spans of minutes. The title is a painful reminder of the state some live in in our modern era.

This is a piece stays in the ambient / dark ambient / drone lane. As is very appropriate for the subject matter. Realistically, Dean summed everything up perfectly in his statement below.

Give this a shot if you're ready for this sort of thing, it is beautiful, but it hurts.

Artist Statement:

this is an ambient epic by music producer and avant-garde artist/designer dean weindling. the title of the piece is 'somber reflections on time and our inability to use it effectively.
there are core decisions we make in life, that involve failed relationships, mistakes, accidents, whether to stay up or to sleep, to go out and have fun or stay in and so on and so forth. do we even really have choice on how to spend our time? or do we simply only have the illusion of freedom, but in actual fact limited choices with the money we earn through the jobs and careers we choose?
we have time to spend with family but we so rarely seem to want to these days. we have time to work, but work so often gives us so little satisfaction. money only provides us, it seems with disatisfaction as we sit and wonder what we're prepared to do at times to obtain it.
we have one life, and as it is said, it ends one second at a time. a second, minute and hour, all socially constructed means so as to make living more organised. slotted. do we really ever get to go to bed 'on time'? do we really ever get to feel satisfied about how we've spent it? and can we live with all of the time we've wasted, knowing what we were doing was wrong at that point? be that a financial, moral, or socially based question; we will forever regret everything at one point because humans are never good with choice, and even worse with how they really want to spend their time. but there are some positives, because with time comes action, and with action you can tell when you're doing wrong, and hopefully move to doing something you enjoy, and brings some good into the world. the only problem there, is do you want to admit you used the ever so limited, depleting time you have left conscious and alive, ineffectively?

but of course, there are but somber reflections on time, and even more so, our inability to use it effectively.



released January 28, 2019

dean weindling (Barrow In Furness, United Kingdom)

all recording, producing, mixing and mastering of this track was done by dean weindling.

the artwork was done by dean weindling of schulzwang ( using layering of various pictures, fonts and such to create the final digital album cover.

this track is only available here as a digital download, but may be printed in future via CD, or some other physical digital format. enjoy.


all rights reserved



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