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Here we have a split from Walls of Night & I Hate Your Guts.

Walls of Night starts off with an almost dungeon synthy intro with a bang of some kind of percussion through out it. The bang is messy and blown out, a nice contrast to the synth. Then comes in a barrage of noise, the cymbals sounding like some kind of muderous machine, the
vocals are deep & bubbly, and it sounds like we have some overly blown out guitar too, but thats a guess. The second section is fucking relentless, and I look foward to hearing more from this project.

I Hate Your Guts follows his signature acoustic approach. Acoustic guitars twang away and mic tapping returns to act as our drums. The vocals are sickly and blown out, not relying on only growls and gargles,
but moans too. There are some "intermissions" of sorts through out the track, where things chill and quiet down a bit, but these don't last long. They also reveal that there are two guitar tracks, one slightly more
overdriven than the other. Overall very lofi and nasty.

This little split is blown out, relentless and even a bit goofy. It's fucking great, give it a listen.



released October 14, 2018


all rights reserved



The Dark Thursday Auckland, New Zealand

A net label run by Jacob Daniel Levesque Baird for releasing my music and music submitted to me.

The Dark Thursday is now closed permanently.

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