my favorite transformer is starscream (EP) (2020)

by VxBxDxDx

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ぴこ 00:36
ルーシー 00:12
ナナ 00:47
ちこ 03:26
coco 01:39
レオーネ 00:40


Here we have an interesting EP form dedication to our lord and savior Starscream. Most of the tracks are very short so I figure a track by track breakdown works.

1. 草薙 素子 (Motoko Kusanagi)

A very short, non harsh gorenoisish track. Has only a snare and kick for drums, very simple and to the point.

2. ぴこ (Poko)

A cybergrind escapade. Starts with a weird, upbeat melody then snaps into he grind part. The noise is more a very fast sample rather than your usual feedback sort of noise, makes it sound a bit more cyber.

3. ルーシー (Lucy)

Like a cross over of the first two tracks in a way. More of a gorenoise thing but with the very present cybergrind drums going at blistering speeds.

4. ナナ (Nana)

This is an interesting one. Timbrally it sounds like fireworks going off in an oil drum, but the hits are too deliberate for tp actually be so. You can hear distorted breathing at points, which even sounds sort of upset at the end of the track. This track is honestly like some weird, sparse noisecore.

5. my favorite transformer is starscream

A harsh noise track that sounds like its sourced from vocals. It sounds like the artist is making loud noises and generally going Mike Patton type ham into a cheap microphone then further distorting the piece, it even cuts out at points.

6. ちこ (Chico)

ちこ is by far the longest track and the biggest tonal departure yet. It is more or less a dark ambient track with some drone elements. It's actually very pleasant and acts as a breather for the EP. At points you can even hear some very pretty, distant keyboards that help set a mood.

7. coco

The breather that is the last track is then sharply snapped off by probably the hardest track on the album to listen to. It's this absolutely singing noise that is like tinnitus turned up to 11. coco is certainly the most vicious point in the track listing.

8. レオーネ (Leone)

The EP wraps up with what is something like a short avant-prog snipped with metal / grind leanings in the drums. The set up is minimal, some reverby, far away drums and what is most likely a bass. It really leaves this EP on a strange note.

Overall this EP feels like a compilation of tracks that were either from other different releases or where created to be opposites in some sense. Is this Starscream's spotify playlist? Or is it perhaps what plays in his head 24/7?

Either way, this EP is an interesting, tonally stark bundle of tracks dedicated to VxBxDxDx's favourite transformer. If that sounds appealing, give it a go.



released January 27, 2020


all rights reserved



The Dark Thursday Auckland, New Zealand

A net label run by Jacob Daniel Levesque Baird for releasing my music and music submitted to me.

The Dark Thursday is now closed permanently.

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