1. Tertium Organum
    Boban Ristevski

  2. Sketches In The Tomes Of A 21st Century Schizoid Virgil

  3. Diperbudak Dunia
    Membabi Brutal

  4. Obsolete

  5. Blue Hell
    Cosmic Indifference

  6. Gvillotina

  7. Demo
    Laparoscopic Resection of an Undifferentiated Pleomorphic Splenic Sarcoma

  8. Disease

  9. Split
    Wram / Gvillotina

  10. The Beginning
    Snow King

  11. Ancrer la memoire

  12. Collaboration
    Filmy Ghost & Lefterna

  13. Move, Work, Architectural Witch
    Jacob Levesque

  14. Cacti
    Cosmic Indifference

  15. Does Gert Borel Survive The Plague?
    Cosmic Indifference

  16. Discography
    Georg Ioan Allemanskraal Trichilia St Michael's

  17. One Day My Prince Will Come
    Amplidyne Effect & Lefterna

  18. Wireless Transmission

  19. Split
    Cosmic Indifference / Valvan

  20. Death Will Take Over
    Veil Of Nature

  21. Трудно менять богов

  22. Split
    Gvillotina / Rotten


  24. 4 Way Split
    FUIR, Gvillotina, Wallmaster & Wram

  25. Zaključci sa druge plenarne sjednice Centralnog Komiteta

  26. Destructive Mobile Render Sample - Move, Work Architectual Witch
    Jacob Levesque

  27. One Perfect Sunset
    Maeror Trip

  28. Moonlight's Curse

  29. Split
    Jacob Levesque / Nicotine Mantis

  30. FUIR / Gvillotina / Deaf Ballerina / These Gaping Jaws Four Way Split

  31. Mampos / Gvillotina Split
    Mampos / Gvillotina

  32. Chillout Lounge Music

  33. Smog Above the Industrial Zone II
    Mare Desiderii

  34. the TUBULAR

  35. Party
    Cosmic Indifference

  36. l'orage sans paroles
    vide médian

  37. This Noise Will Fuck Your Brains!
    DZKYIN / Cum Gutter

  38. (00000)
    Jacob Levesque, Okänd, G.W.T.T & Kitty

  39. Static Encryptions - Dosis Letalis / Screenslaver Split
    Dosis Letalis / Screenlslaver

  40. 12 Harsh Movements: Volume Two

  41. I PORNO YOU / Jacob Levesque Split

  42. Immolation

  43. Save States 1 to 11

  44. Night Frequencies

  45. Joue contre Joue
    Eric Jovet

  46. Gvillotina / UDFj-39546284 / Orphling Three Way Split

  47. La mire...

  48. New Folder

  49. The Extreme & Experimental Volume II

  50. Pencil Dick Demo Remix
    Jacob Levesque

  51. Krallice, Budapest
    Jacob Levesque

  52. Cosmic Indifference
    Cosmic Indifference

  53. Chhy Qufothin Sape Ruma & Metauterleioregr Cystkendrow Willoujakubrook
    Jacob Levesque

  54. Temporary Conscious Ejection / Split
    Jacob Levesque / User 955306757

  55. Sexy Crocodile For Dinner / Jacob Levesque / My Neighbor Satan Split

  56. Noise Apocalypse / Waiting For Sudden Death

  57. 12 Harsh Movements: Volume One

  58. Command 14
    Jacob Levesque

  59. Step Out Of Your Skin And Into The Sky

  60. A Meathook to the Face of Innocence
    This Gaping Maw

  61. We All Have Our Up's And Down's / Brick Chest
    Jacob Levesque

  62. Wall Fuse Collaboration
    Jacob Levesque & Ludwig Kasimir

  63. Punctured Esophagus / Suicidal New Age Cunt Fucker Split Tape
    Punctured Esophagus / Suicidal New Age Cunt Fucker

  64. Lean Dependent Faggot - HNW Edit (Kumi Vert Diss)
    Mc Harb

  65. Noise Against Salvini
    Eddie X Murphy

  66. Il rosa nell'arte
    Sexy Crocodile For Dinner

  67. Jacob Levesque / Shum Split
    Jacob Levesque / Shum

  68. Giving Bad Skrib Good Works
    Jacob Levesque


  70. Jacob Levesque / Schizophrenic Wonderland Split

  71. Jasonleathermouth
    Jacob Levesque

  72. It's Not Prime Minister, It's Piano
    Jacob Levesque, Okänd, G.W.T.T & Gups


  74. Shaving Basking Lightbulbs In A Vaccumed 1992 Sprinter
    Jacob Levesque, G.W.T.T, Okänd & Gups

  75. To Insanity And Beyond - 4 Way Split

  76. Jordy Noise Explosion / ARMENIA Split

  77. The Extreme & Experimental Volume I

  78. HØST (Demo)

  79. Industrial Hydrophobia / Feasting On Scaphism Remains Split
    Industrial Hydrophobia / Feasting On Scaphism Remains

  80. J.S Steinman / FLESH TRAFFICKING Split

  81. sunshine

  82. They're Making A Bunch Of Bricks At Lego Headquarters
    Jacob Levesque, 宇宙人, Gups And G.W.T.T

  83. Industrial Hydrophobia / Terhimpit Dosa Dan Duka Split
    Industrial Hydrophobia / Terhimpit Dosa Dan Duka

  84. Revisiting And Remixing Yasuhiro Nagahashi
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  85. Demo
    J.S Steinman

  86. Maliciously Murdering The Monopoly Man
    Jacob Levesque, Okänd & G.W.T.T

  87. Caviar
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  88. 2n
    Jacob Levesque

  89. Hot Trumpets Presents: What A Waste Of Time!
    Jacob Levesque, Okänd & G.W.T.T

  90. Cunt Fart Minge Fart Discography
    Cunt Fart Minge Fuck

  91. Self Inflicted Shotgun Extirpation
    Severe Penile Fracture

  92. Tumulonunklyziet
    Jacob Levesque

  93. Cosmic Indifferentism
    The Nssu-Ghahnb / Nyaghoggua Commixture

  94. Penile Myiasis/Severe Penile Fracture Split
    Penile Myiasis/Severe Penile Fracture

  95. Death Of A City
    Jacob Levesque

  96. God's Coming To Save Us
    Grappling With Testicle Timewaves

  97. A Movement Of Amateurs
    Sofronitsky City

  98. The Problem With Doing Nothing, Is You Don't Know When You're Done
    Jacob Levesque

  99. Amorphous Ptoma On Decay​/​Pulpified Genital Junk Split
    Amorphous Ptoma On Decay​/​Pulpified Genital Junk

  100. Cough Up A Lung

  101. Demo

  102. Again
    Jacob Levesque, Ethan Nelson & G.W.T.T

  103. Apart Cifgide
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  104. Adipocere Formation During Rigor Mortis, Severe Penile Fracture & Urothorax Due To Traumatic Rupture Of The Subpyelic Ureter 3 Way Split

  105. The Decrepit Back Seats Of The 580
    580 Round The World

  106. Hanlopanhiles
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  107. Mukivret
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  108. Uncle Zorn
    Jazz For Cunts

  109. Absurdist Nightmare
    Industrial Hydrophobia & Okänd

  110. Industrial Hydrophobia / J! Rex Split
    Industrial Hydrophobia / J! Rex

  111. Conversation With A Gimp
    $licing $everal $wedish $cotums

  112. douchebag extermination plan
    $licing $everal $wedish $crotums

  113. Accidentally Pulling Ball Hair With Your Old Electric Razor That You Forgot About In Your Drawer While Listening To DSBM On A Tuesday Morning
    Gods Of The Vaginal Smegma Parade

  114. Everyone's Left
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  115. The Six Stages Of The 580 Bus
    580 Round The World

  116. 92117611661 6210317 433
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  117. Pure Fucking Dust Hatred
    Severe Penile Fracture

  118. Picking A Painting
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  119. Throatfucking Auckland Transport With Noisecore
    580 Round The World

  120. Day III
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  121. Day II
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  122. Day I
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  123. Suburban Noise
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  124. Peak / Reek Of Trash
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  125. RxAxDxFxBxBxV // Cunt
    Meticulous Testicular Surgery

  126. DEMO #2
    Meticulous Testicular Surgery

  127. A Night With Nothing
    A Night With Nothing

  128. The Castration Of Ouranos
    Meticulous Testicular Surgery

  129. u-bahn. sodomie. diskothek.
    Violent Anal Masturbation

  130. Cunt Swabs
    Violent Anal Masturbation

  131. DEMO
    Meticulous Testicular Surgery

  132. Misanthrope
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  133. Strangler Fig & Industrial Hydrophobia Split Tape
    Strangler Fig & Industrial Hydrophobia

  134. Withdrawal
    Industrial Hydrophobia & Okänd

  135. Got The Time
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  136. Chronic Fatigue With Okänd
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  137. An Unnerving Calm
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  138. Riaand Maltio: Eth Ufodntaoin Fo Ym Feil
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  139. Pollock, Can You Hear Me? | Disturbing Jams With Okänd & G.W.T.T
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  140. (Un)natural Progression
    Industrial Hydrophobia

    Industrial Hydrophobia

  142. The Laughter Sessions: A Series Of Ampeg, Casio and Marshall Implosions
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  143. The Townside Rocks With The Dead Factory In Sight
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  144. The Chatter Of A Long Afternoon // Calm Alarm
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  145. Swimming In Petrol, Piss And Glass Demos
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  146. The Pisstake Sessions: A Confused Afternoon
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  147. Severely Ruptured Scalae Causing Endolymph To Spew Fourth
    Industrial Hydrophobia

  148. Pulmonary Oedema And Production Line Debris
    Industrial Hydrophobia


The Dark Thursday Auckland, New Zealand

A net label run by Jacob Levesque for extreme and experimental genres and my own music.

Contact below if you wish to inquire about anything.

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