by Jacob Levesque

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Kaili Blues 14:35
Alien Tessa 01:33
The L 00:55
Spray Paint 01:33


I started creating this album on the 3rd of October this year. Being led by absurdity, anxiety and passion, I created this mess of an album. Thank you to everybody who contributed to this, and thank you to the people who support me.

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KN, Yeah I Know It Sucks

"So what do we have here? A release by another artist? One that is named ‘panic’ by a certain Jacob Levesque. It contains tracks starting with one titled
“The busy business of Kaili Blues” which seems like we have walked into someone’s attic in which lots of stuff had been laying around, all somehow connected with wires & some self build glitch machine. Random stuff that can make sounds and noises, but also things like guitars or traditional instruments to set your lips on and blow air through. It’s a weird mix, perhaps best described as a fine mess, one that makes full use of all the crazy stuff that had been there, somehow being cut and pasted like a true tape collage that is all a bit entangled with everything of importance in the life of Jacob Levesque.

It’s a bit like a panic attack overruling an attempt to play free jazz music; it’s weirdly pleasant in its own way, outsourcing normality to somewhere else, as this artist dissolved the need for a band by an attic full of glitched up rubbish. It’s a bit windy there, but even the sound of that gets assigned to be a musician in Jacob Levesque’s experimental band.

Another weird work is ‘alien Tessa’ which seems to cover the artist expressing himself at its most K-hole like. The artist must have reached that special place in which he went back in time to become reborn as a big crying toddler that drives its tricycle and ring happily the bell; ring ring, whaaaah! Lordly this is fun!

A live performance of ‘Borbetomagogurt’ also made it onto the album. It’s like a public panic attack in which samples things are put in a blender, try to escape through the lid but the artist has no mercy and puts them back in for a chopping glitchy soup creation, it gets more and more finer at the end, ready for it all to become a anxiously abstract audio liquid that you could easily drink with your ears to receive some kind of active energy.

‘Pokémon players, maybe you’ is more concrete, throwing in louder sounds sampled by the artist and splashed in at seemingly random in a space they used to silent. It’s quite bizarre, but that’s the beauty of it. “The L” feels like easy going firecrackers meeting up with s tap dancing guitar player. Where does the L stand for? I can only think of lunacy.

Instruction’s Tomorrow’s is a bit like hearing how a female office worker had been stuck into automated office equipment; the head probably stuck into a scanner, fingers sucked in by a fax machine, a piece of her fabric in the shredder, a brain lost into a computer program… it’s a panicky experience, but if you see it from a distance it’s quite the spectacle!

Spray Paint’ is a moment with the children. If you have no children & don’t know what it is like to be around them; try this.

Please let me live forever’ starts with seemingly the most normal bit of music on the release. One in which Jacob Levesque plays the guitar and slowly rinses it out with a stirrup of noise. It becomes comical at times, going for that twisted case of confusion between shall I do more music or just go berserk in a mental asylum of sound f*ckery?

I don’t understand it, they have it selected but I can’t select it” Is a bit of midnight goodness, a recording of something cheesy, ready to entertain the entrance of a hotel with restaurant option. Appropriate clothing while listening is advised.

It’s just wrong sounds probably a lot like Louis CK jerking off in front of us as the public. You can laugh about it, but don’t want his semen splashed on the carpet, or worse; on your clothes. All in all this could be the diverse listen of your day:"



released November 10, 2017

1. Kaili Blues:

Jacob Levesque - Electronics, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Xaphoon, Keyboard, Vocals
Awkward Geisha:
Ludwig Demengenstein - Guitar, Bass Guitar
Akano Shibahito - Saxophone
HNM - Drums

2. Alien Tessa

Jacob Levesque - Vocals, Fretless Guitar, Bike Bell, Triangle
Okänd - Vocals, Electronics
G.W.T.T - Vocals

3. Borbetomagogurt (Live in the Parking Lot, Meat Library, Tokyo, 1992)

Jacob Levesque - Electronics, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Prepared Electric Guitar, Irish Tin Whistle, Bass Guitar, Jaw Harp
Nauthiz - Field Recording

4. Pokemon Players, Maybe You

Jacob Levesque - Electronics, Vocals, Bass Guitar, Turntable, Microphone
Nauthiz - Field Recording
Eric Jovet - Noise
Pansori - Noise

5. The L

Jacob Levesque - Field Recording

6. Instruction Tomorrow's

Jacob Levesque - Electronics, Acoustic Guitar, Homemade Guitar, Prepared Guitar, Ukelele, Stringed Pan, Vocals, Jacob's Ladder, Paper
G.W.T.T - Electric Guitar, Prepared Guitar
Pansori - Noise
Roadkill - Noise
Dan Dolby - Drones
Gups - Additional Sampling
Kitty - Additional Recording, Microphone

7. Spray Paint

Jacob Levesque - Field Recording

8. Please Let Me Live Forever

Jacob Levesque - Electronics, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Homemade Guitar, Irish Tin Whistle, Paper, Coins, Talking, Vocals
Louis Foster - Acoustic Guitar Intro

9. I Don't Understand, They Have It Selected But I Can't Select It

Jacob Levesque - Field Recording

10. It's Just Wrong

Jacob Levesque - Electronics, Field Recording, Keyboard

Artwork by Jacob Levesque


all rights reserved



The Dark Thursday Auckland, New Zealand

A net label run by Jacob Daniel Levesque Baird for releasing my music and music submitted to me.

The Dark Thursday is now closed permanently.

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