Static Encryptions - Dosis Letalis / Screenslaver Split

by Dosis Letalis / Screenlslaver

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This split is dedicated to Alan Turing, a mathematics prodigy who changed the course of World War 2.

With a brilliant mind and a team of cryptographers working at Bletchely Park, Turing was not only successful in breaking secret coded messages sent by German encryption devices (known as enigma machines) but also shortened the war by 2 years and saved millions of lives in the process.

Aided by Gordon Welchman, Turing made developments to 'The Bomba' a highly complex electromechanical machine, their new version became known as 'The Bombe').

The original was designed by Polish cryptologist Marian Rejewski in 1938, who was forced to share the technology with the British in July 1939 as the situation in Poland further deteriorated.

This revolutionary device not only became the blueprint for the modern computer but provided the means that British Intelligence services needed to decipher previously unbreakable messages sent by the enigma machines to German forces.

7 years after the war, Turing was charged with gross indecency for having sexual relations with another man, a criminal offence in Britain at the time.

As a result, he lost his job with the secret service and was sentenced to undergo chemical castration by means of a series of oestrogen injections. After spiralling into a heavy depression, Turing committed suicide by consuming an apple he had laced with cyanide in 1954 he was aged just 41.

In 2013, Turing finally received a pardon by Queen Elizabeth II thanks to newly introduced legislation that also extended pardons to thousands of other men convicted before homosexuality became decriminalised in 1967.

Winston Churchill described Alan Turing's work as: “the single biggest contribution to the allied victory during World War II"

"A man provided with paper, pencil, and rubber, and subject to strict discipline, is in effect a universal machine."

RIP Alan Turing June 23, 1912 - June 7, 1954



released June 23, 2017

Track 1 'Codebreaking Genius' by Dosis Letalis

Dosis Letalis bandcamp

Track 2 'Posthumously Pardoned' by Screenslaver

(Sample taken from the 2014 film 'The Imitation Game')

Screenslaver bandcamp


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